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Thursday, November 11, 2004

From World opinion of America will drop with the reelection by Emma Norvell
In what is being called the most important and the closest election of our lifetimes (since 2000 of course), this year's presidential election has left half of the population jumping for joy and the other half in stunned silence.

For Democrats, the outcome came as a shock. There had been so many reports giving liberals false hope that Bush would be defeated this time. Hundreds of lawyers were made available at a second's notice to prevent a repeat of Florida. A series of PSA's practically forced the youth to get their vote out, most of which were predicted to vote for Kerry.

But alas, after push came to shove, there will be another four more years of liberals protesting the administration's actions, cringing at Bush's speeches and laughing at his Bushisms.

When Cheney came on to introduce Bush at his victory speech, he expressed his gratitude towards the American populations because, thanks to them, they "won the greatest number of popular votes of any presidential candidate in history."

Similar to most of what the duo has to say about current events, the statement distorts the truth without actually lying. True, they did win the greatest number of popular votes of any presidential candidate in history, but they also had the greatest number of popular votes voted against a candidate in presidential history.

It's not only nearly half of the American population who is disappointed at the outcome of the presidential elections, but also a lot of the international population. England's The Daily Mirror captured the feelings of most of the world and about half of the United States in its front-page headline the Thursday after the election. "How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?" was sprawled across one of the dopier pictures of Bush with a subhead that read "U.S. election disaster."
[Silver Chips Online, 11/9/04]

From End Game Democracy: America Sells its Soul & Loses the World by Zulu Bywyd
Now we have come the End of the colonial experiment known as the "United States of America." It has ended as the founders had warned it would likely end, with concentration of wealth, corruption, and despotism despoiling its democratic foundations. Unfortunately, it has also ended with madmen and criminals holding an arsenal of planet-scorching weapons, a black-hole of an economy sucking down the world, and a murderous culture bent on revenge.

As a child of this colonial republic, a veteran of its military, a keeper of the flame of rebellion, I now see no hope of recovery for a dead horse poisonously floating down stream. America has been infected, subverted, polluted, corrupted, plundered, stolen by corporate raiders and warmongers. Its elections have been hacked, hijacked and sidetracked with partisan smears and lies, failed technology, and corrupted media. It has become mired in manipulations of terror, invasions and occupations of distant lands, and endless bloody warfare. It has been seized by the most hated men in history, with designs on running it into the ground while swindling the last of its treasure.

Therefore, I encourage the people of the world to resist this deadly corrupted regime at every turn. Challenge its false preachments of democracy. Boycott its bloody dollars. Invade it with music, media and magic. Shame us the way we deserve to be shamed. Do not allow your executives to support this war machine and its campaigns of extermination. Testify to the true Christian values opposed to murder, torture, theft and arrogance, which is what keeps the Bush regime afloat.
[Bellaciao, 11/11/04]

As ye reap, so shall ye sow. The world is already beginning to turn against us.

From Attorney General Nominee Undermined Rights

Torture advocate Alberto Gonzales
Alberto Gonzales is a poor choice for the top law enforcement post in the United States, Human Rights Watch said today. President George W. Bush today nominated Gonzales to replace John Ashcroft as attorney general. As White House counsel, Gonzales was the architect of the Bush administration's policy of placing detainees captured in the fight against terrorism beyond the protection of any law. That policy opened the door to brutality against detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay and unfair legal proceedings against them.

"The Attorney General should enforce the law," said Jamie Fellner, director of the U.S. Program of Human Rights Watch. "Gonzales has helped the president circumvent it. His record suggests that he would be more likely to defer to the President than to uphold basic rights."
"During confirmation hearings, Gonzales must account for the positions he took and the decisions he helped make as White House counsel," said Fellner.

Human Rights Watch urged the U.S. Senate to ask for all the memoranda and other documents drafted or approved by the Office of the White House Counsel regarding the interrogation and treatment of detainees in the fight against terrorism and legal proceedings against them. The White House has thus far refused to release a complete set of documents reflecting the development of its policies regarding terrorism suspects, including documents signed by Gonzales.
[Reuters AlertNet, 11/10/04]

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

From The looming confict: Parsing the 59-million-vote mandate by George Ochenski
The elections are over and the winners are off and running. At the national level, President Bush says 59 million votes gives him a "mandate," completely ignoring the 56 million votes cast against him. Here in Montana, Governor-elect Brian Schweitzer has settled into a suite of offices in the Capitol and is assembling his troops. On the horizon, looming like an evil dragon, is the coming conflict between federal and state priorities.

While half of our populace struggles to come to grips with four more years of George W. Bush, the president himself is charging down the road to destruction. The man who pledged to be "a uniter, not a divider" has done more to bitterly divide our nation than any president in recent memory. His policy of international unilateralism has alienated our long-time allies, who watch in horror as Bush continues his aggression in Iraq, which has resulted in, by some estimates, 100,000 Iraqis permanently "liberated" through death.

Here at home, the Bush policies have proved no more popular than they have abroad. The draconian provisions of the PATRIOT Act continue to erode the freedom and civil liberties of American citizens while masquerading as protection from the terrorists the president endlessly warns us are hiding in every shadow. In a stunning concession, this week the U.S. Senate decided the intelligence budget should be kept secret from the Americans who are paying for it. Now, not only won’t we know who is spying on us, we also won’t know how much it’s costing.

Not yet content, Bush seeks to turn his aggression inward, promising to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage. Meanwhile, his Christian evangelical supporters are pressuring him to appoint an equally evangelical Supreme Court that will outlaw abortion.

For those trying to protect and restore our rapidly deteriorating environment, Bush’s second term—and his Congressional Republican majority—is like a nightmare in the making. Industry lobbyists are rubbing their hands in glee at the very real prospect that their greedy and rapacious dreams will come true under Bush’s "winner take all" approach to national resources.
[Missouola Independent (MT), 11/11/04]

It's more of a "cheater take all" policy, actually.